Intelligent Skincare

Syence skin care was developed for women and men looking for real answers to their skin care issues. Our mission is to find innovative, proven ingredients and formulate them to products capable of combating the natural degenerative processes of skin. Research, independent clinical testing and proven results are at the core of our product development process.

This is most aptly demonstrated by the success of our anti-ageing product Servital Active Tissue Defense – the first cosmetic product to be clinically studied at Guy’s Hospital London and to receive a peer evaluation by a medical journal, published in The International Journal of Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery. Our consumers demand intelligent products and are not satisfied by brand-funded consumer ‘studies’ where paid participants are asked how their skin feels after product use. Instead, Servital was studied in controlled environment by using ultrasounds to measure skin thickness – objective, independent and measurable results are what makes Syence products stand out.


Syence – works with the physiology of skin

We create products that work with the physiology of skin: water and tissue, which is the same for everyone. Black, white, asian, indian, old/young, men/women, oily dry etc. The Syence range is divided into products supplementing the adequate moisture (water) balance to help skin function better ; and products supplementing deficiencies in tissue for greater skin longevity and health.

Our innovative 4 Steps System provides the basic tools for optimum skin hydration in a simple everyday regimen, by helping add true moisture – water by definition™ – into the skin. This is unique in a marketplace where 90 % of moisturizes use combinations of wax and oils that do not adequately address the issue of moisture loss, and rather mask the problem by filling the space between flakes of skin with oil droplets that smooth the rough skin.

All other Syence products work with the multitude of tissue problems , such as lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, irritation and inflammation. Each product offers balancing components and advanced therapeutic benefits to help combat specific skin issues. Our products are designed to get results by working naturally with the skin’s physiology – no abrasive overnight changes which can damage the skin. Just working to supplement the way your skin should work without the daily stress, pollutants and environmental damage it suffers protecting us on a daily basis.

No Negatives

Syence Skin Care Laboratories, founded over 20 years ago, as perhaps the first cosmeceutical skin care brand, differentiated itself from the start by its unwavering commitment to innovation and research in creating products, testing them at independent laboratories, then where possible publishing the results. This has earned us an extremely loyal, growing worldwide customer base.

Syence is not for everyone – only those who want to understand their skin and make informed decisions for improving and protecting their skin health. All our products are made for sensitive skin and are dermatologically tested. There are no parabens, alcohol, animal ingredients and fragrance in our products. Syence products are non-comedogenic, never tested on animals and free of GMO ingredients. We use minimal packaging and where possible, our clean packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.