Rejuvenate and Refresh in Fall

Rejuvenate your skin

If you’re having issues such as blemishes, extreme dryness or oiliness and irritation, it could possibly be a reaction to the changing seasons – the differences in humidity, temperature, indoor heat vs outdoor cold and wind – all those things can cause your skin to go from glowing and healthy to sullen and dull.

It’s a great idea to review and revise your skin care routine to fit to your skin’s changing needs, and below are some of our top tips for the cooler months:

1. Switch to a more nourishing moisturizer

Switch to help protect and repair skin from within. Our top choice for the task is Syence Fresh Youth Cream – a powerhouse of nutrition  shown to improve skin firmness in just 7 days.  It re-energeizes and strengthen skin with vitamins A,C and E ; carbohydrates, minerals, liposomes, ceramides, amino acids, natural algae and energy to firm , strengthen and re-energize skin.

2. Soothe skin with a mask once a week.

If your skin feels dry and irritated, applying a soothing, calming and hydrating mask is a great way to boost your skin. Syence Hydrating Mask features a botanical formulation of algae, aloe vera, chamomile, yarrow root , cucumber and vitamin B5 to soothe irritation, re-balance skin and help restore skins resiliency. If you’re feeling tired from jetlag or too much work, try putting the mask in your refrigerator for a few hours and apply on your face – it’s super refreshing.

3.Focus on your eye area

The under eye area is extremely delicate as the skin is very thin – thus being very prone to lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. For issues with lines and wrinkles, we stongly advocate using Syence Servital Active Tissue Defense under the eye area – Servital is proven to thicken skin, reducing existing lines and wrinkles in just 21 days.

For puffy, baggy eyes try Syence Day/Night Eye Contour Gel to calm and soothe the area. For dark circles, we recommend Syence Moist Eye Cream which utilizes optimal diffusers to help minimize the appearance of dark circles.

4.  Keep skin clear with a weekly exfoliation.

The top layer of skin contains mostly dead skin cells, which help create a dull, ashen complexion. To keep skin fresh and bright, we recommend using Syence Eraser pads – simply swipe the pad across your face, and the pads gently remove dead skin cells,  refine skin and improve radiance.

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