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Rejuvenate your skin

If you’re having issues such as blemishes, extreme dryness or oiliness and irritation, it could possibly be a reaction to the changing seasons – the differences in humidity, temperature, indoor heat vs outdoor cold and wind – all those things can cause your skin to go from glowing and healthy to sullen and dull. It’s a […]

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A recent study at University of Vienna, Austria show that lines and wrinkles were not the only reason for an aged appearance. Uneven skin tone and poor skin texture were shown to potentially add 10-12 years to a woman’s perceived age. The study used three-dimensional imaging and morphing software to remove wrinkles and furrows from […]

The importance of nutrition to our overall well-being cannot be overstated – and not surprisingly, what we eat can also have a profound impact on how our skin looks and feels. Below is a list of foods to indulge in, with another list of foods to avoid for great looking skin. Great skin foods Quail […]

Besides their use in our foods and garments, animal products and animal-derived ingredients also serve a more unorthodox purpose – beauty. Shaily Bhusri investigates some of the world’s more bizarre beauty treatments. Why go under the knife and risk infection when there exist magical anti-ageing creams? Snake venom is already a big hit internationally and […]

It’s getting hot in here – and the combination of hot summer weather, sunscreen and tight clothes mixed with bacteria and blocked pores can lead to breakouts all over your body and face. Luckily,  you can stop the breakout cycle by targeting each of the elements that contribute to pimples: bacteria (p.acnes), clogged pores and […]

Off to somewhere beautiful and exotic? Or perhaps its just a work trip with time spent onboard planes and air conditioned conference rooms. Either way, the difference in temperatures, pollution, stress of travel and different time zones can wreak havoc on your skin and add years to your appearance. Below are our favorite, travel sized […]

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The harsh light of spring tends to expose the hidden messes left behind by winter in your home – it is no different for skin. After being bombarded with indoor heat, outdoor cold, pollution, many of us could use a little something to brighten and boost our complexion. Exfoliate One of the most important steps […]

There is something very attractive about smooth, soft skin that makes you instantly feel better about your looks. Before summer, it is a great time to pay extra attention to your body with a few simple routines designed to keep your skin sexy just in time for summer fun. Body scrubs are a great, easy […]