Spring Clean for Skin

girl washing her face

The harsh light of spring tends to expose the hidden messes left behind by winter in your home – it is no different for skin. After being bombarded with indoor heat, outdoor cold, pollution, many of us could use a little something to brighten and boost our complexion.


One of the most important steps to getting the glow back is to exfoliate. This will immediately get you a clearer, better rested appearance as dead skin cells – which make up 95% of the surface cells – bacteria and dirt are removed. Syence Eraser is an easy, effective way to remove all that gunk – these handy little pads are soaked in a gently exfoliating formula – just swipe across your face and dead cells are swept off.

For those of you looking for a classic exfoliator, Honey Almond Scrub is an excellent choice. Simply mix with your favorite facial cleanser and using your finger tips, gently massage skin in small circular motions and wash off with lukewarm water. It’s best to use an exfoliator at least once a week – if you have an extremely oily skin, 2-3 times a week is recommended.


To get a beautiful, healthy glow your skin needs to well hydrated – this is where our 4 Steps System comes to play. Once your skin is sufficiently moisturized, it is the perfect canvas for special treatments to help reduce skin tissue problems, ranging from lines and wrinkles, to sun spots, blemishes and uneven skin tone. Servital Active Tissue Defense should be your first choice to defend against premature ageing. This serum has been independently tested and clinically proven to stop the vicious circle of thinning skin – thin skin gets wrinkles first (for proof, look under your eyes, neck and hands – those are the areas to age first. Likewise, compare a man and woman at 40 – the woman will have 40% more wrinkles – this is because a man’s skin is 1/3 thicker than a woman’s). In a 4 month study at Guy’s Hospital, University of London – the leading teaching hospital in Europe – Servital Active Tissue Defense showed an average 26% increase in skin thickness –translating to giving a 53-year-old the same thickness as a 20-year-old! Use Servital all over face after a moisturizer during cold months, in the summer you may skip the moisturizer and use Servital directly after cleansing and toning.


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