Travel Essentials for Gorgeous Skin

Off to somewhere beautiful and exotic? Or perhaps its just a work trip with time spent onboard planes and air conditioned conference rooms. Either way, the difference in temperatures, pollution, stress of travel and different time zones can wreak havoc on your skin and add years to your appearance. Below are our favorite, travel sized products to take with you to help keep your looks intact without taking too much space in your luggage.


Syence Eraser

98% of skin cells are dead on the surface. Dead cells, dirt, pollution add up to a grey, dull complexion. Eraser changes all that by naturally polishing your skin and removing all the gunk to reveal softer, brighter and healthier complexion. Each jar contains 30 ready to use pads soaked in natural White Willow Bark Extract – no additional tools required, simply swipe a pad across face. Safe for daily use, can be used to replace cleanser.


Syence Servital 15 ml

What if you could get back the skin you had in your twenties? Syence Servital brings just that and is clinically proven in independent studies at Guy’s Hospital to do just that. To top it off, Servital is the only skin care product featured and peer reviewed in a medical journal. So what is the secret? Here are some surprising facts about skin for you:

Where do you get wrinkles first? Around your eyes, face and neck, correct?

And where is your skin thinnest? Around those same areas.


Did you know a woman at 40 has an average 40% more wrinkles than a man; but by age 60, she has 75% more wrinkles than a man? Why does the ageing accelerate like that?

Because a man’s  skin is one third thicker than a woman’s skin.


So turns out, the thicker your skin is, the fewer wrinkles you have. And conversely, the thinner your skin is, the more moisture you lose through it which leads to an even thinner skin and more moisture loss – equaling more lines and wrinkles. So if you could keep your skin thicker, this vicious circle could be delayed and you’d look younger longer.

Syence Servital was tested on 56 participants for over 4 months at the leading teaching hospital in Europe. The average participant saw a 21% increase in skin thickness in just 21 days. Meaning, the average 54 year old had recovered the thickness they last saw at age 20! Syence Servital is the ideal travel product – it is your anti-ageing super product that instantly delivers nutrients to the skin, giving you a younger, fresher, healthier complexion. Perfect for any traveler who wants to look their best no matter what the circumstances.

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