Preventing Breakouts this Summer

It’s getting hot in here – and the combination of hot summer weather, sunscreen and tight clothes mixed with bacteria and blocked pores can lead to breakouts all over your body and face. Luckily,  you can stop the breakout cycle by targeting each of the elements that contribute to pimples: bacteria (p.acnes), clogged pores and oily skin. Below are some of the ways to help keep you pimple free on your face and body.

Banish the bacteria

Everyone has the p.acnes bacteria present on their skin, and it would not cause problems on its own but when paired with clogged pores, the bacteria starts to multiply , eventually leading to a pimple being formed. There are a number of drugs and over-the-counter treatments to fight bacteria build-up on skin – such as antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide, but both have potentially quite severe side effects such as excessive drying and bleeding of skin, sun sensitivity and burning.

Syence Skin Care offers a more natural, drug-free solution to help reduce the bacteria on skin. Syence Repair™ uses sugar beet, sugar maple extract, citrus lemon fruit extract and salicylic willow bark extract to naturally kill bacteria and exfoliate skin to prevent infection.

Clogged Pores No More

As soon as oil and dead skin cells begin to accumulate in a pore, bacteria has a feeding frenzy and starts to multiply, causing a pimple. The best way to prevent clogged pores is to keep dead skin build up to a minimum, and avoiding face and hair care products that contain pore-clogging ingredients such as mineral oils and lanolin.

Syence Skin Care offers two effective exfoliation options that remove dead skin cells that contribute to blemish formation. Syence Skin Care Honey and Almond Scrub™ uses almond particles to gently dermabrase the skin, without irritating or stripping it of its natural oils. When using on the face, mix with Step 1 or water.  For added comfort there is honey to naturally energize skin and aloe vera to hydrate and soothe.

For those with some scarring, or who want a less messy quicker solution, we have developed Syence Skin Care  Eraser ™ pads which remove dead skin cells with natural White Willow Bark Extract (naturally salicylic) and are more suitable for sensitive skin.  Use Eraser to brighten and restore the freshness of your face as mostly dead surface cells are removed and fresh new skin emerges.   Gentle enough to use daily.

Oily Skin

Dermatologists have traditionally pointed the finger at hormones as the cause of oily skin but the fact is that genetics, the products you use and even the medications you use can cause the oil production to go on overdrive.If you suffer from oily skin, it is important to use products that are gentle and non-drying – ironic as this may sound – as letting your skin become dry will often cause oil production to increase even further. We recommend cleansing your skin with Syence Skin Care Active Cleansing Gel ™– ideally designed for oily yet sensitive skin. Salicylic acid, betaine and witch hazel will remove excess oil and dead skin, while Chamomile, Aloe, Vitamin B and Lavender will calm and normalize the skin leaving it soft and clean.

When choosing a moisturizer, it is important to pay attention to the ingredient lists. Up to 90% of moisturizers in the market contain oil and wax, which at best can only keep the existing moisture in the skin, and at worst stop skin from breathing, clog pores and irritate skin. We recommended the Syence 4-Step skin care system Step 4 Super Hydrating Emulsion that uniquely binds moisture onto skin while allowing it to breathe. It is a medical fact that properly hydrated skin heals up to 50% faster – and binding true moisture, water, on skin is the best way to clearest, healthiest skin possible.

Body Acne

Although the location of the blemishes may be different,  body acne cycle is the same. Depending on the location there may be unique factors in play that can exacerbate the problem. Sweating is one of these causes and especially important during the summer months. Perspiration acts like a film that traps oil, dirt and debris in the pore. So when you work out, shower right away . Another culprit is tight clothing. Be sure to select natural materials that breathe – as non-breathing clothing can trap sweat against skin, especially when perspiring. Hair care, body care and fabric softeners can also irritate and cause blocked pores, as can mechanical irritation and friction, such as carrying a backpack, so if you do find yourself breaking out after using a new shampoo, or after switching your laundry detergent, you may need to check into the ingredients and try alternative products.

To help keep your skin soft and smooth, we recommend regular exfoliation using Syence Honey and Almond Scrub™ . Word of caution – if you have severe breakouts and irritation , do not scrub very hard to further irritate skin. Instead, gently massage product onto skin with finger tips and using circular motion, go over irritated areas.

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