Summer Glow – skin care basics

Summer is almost here and now is the perfect time to give your skin a boost. Below are our essential timeless tips for radiant skin

Gentle cleanser

When it comes to your skin, gentle should be the order of day with any products you use – anything harsh and drying is likely to aggravate any conditions you suffer from. In Syence range you have two excellent choices: Step 1 Immaculate Cleansing Solution,which is ideal for all types of skin, removes makeup, dirt and impurities and leaves skin soft and smooth; and Active Cleansing Gel which is ideal for oily, blemish prone complexions that need a little bit more help in keeping fresh and clear. Active Cleansing Gel gently exfoliates to help keep excess dead skin from blocking pores and causing pimples.

Eye Cream

Many of you may suffer from puffy, irritated eyes especially during spring when pollen and dust create havoc for allergy sufferers. My favorite tip for irritated, tired eyes: I refrigerate Syence Day/night Eye Gel for a few hours and apply under my eyes in the evening for a nice, cooling surge of moisture, and voila! Bags seem a little less pronounced and my skin more hydrated and youthful.


Yes, this is one of the absolute must buy items for any smart beauty! Your skin will thank you later for not letting sun’s rays damage it – there is no way to repair intensive sun damage, not to mention the risk of skin cancer you may place yourself under by not using sunscreen. We recommend wearing sunscreen such as Syence Face Sunblock SPF20 on your face, ears, neck and décolletage; and Syence All Over Sunblock SPF20 on your legs, back and arms. If you find yourself not wanting to re-apply every few hours it is wise to invest in a sunhat and cover up.


In the spring and summer months, humidity tends to rise and it is recommendable to wear a more lightweight moisturizer. We cannot recommend Syence Step 4 Super Hydrating Emulsion enough – together with Syence Hydra Mist your skin will literally drink in nature’s true moisture, water, to help immediately plump, hydrate and even out your skin tone.


As about 98% of the skin cells on your skin’s surface are dead, exfoliating to remove these dead cells will make your skin look and feel more radiant. We recommend Syence Honey Almond Scrub mixed with your favorite cleanser once a week.

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