Body Beautiful this Summer

There is something very attractive about smooth, soft skin that makes you instantly feel better about your looks. Before summer, it is a great time to pay extra attention to your body with a few simple routines designed to keep your skin sexy just in time for summer fun. Body scrubs are a great, easy tool for healthy, smoother skin as they exfoliate the dead surface cells that make your skin look dull and can block pores, leading to breakouts. Likewise, if you’re prone to cellulite, a vigorous yet gentle scrubbing can be helpful in reducing the appearance of orange peel, especially when combined with exercises such as lunges and squats. Body scrubs are also a great way to prevent ingrown hairs before shaving or waxing.
Product Recommendations

To remove dead skin cells and reveal soft skin underneath, try Syence Honey Almond Scrub or Syence Body Bars. Gently brush your back, leg, chest, knees, heels and other areas prone to dry, hard skin. For most people, exfoliating 2 times a month is sufficient; if you’re prone to body acne, exfoliate once or twice a week.  After a scrub, it is a good time to apply specialist care products – such as Syence Celluless that works against cellulite with caffeine, the only ingredient scientifically shown to help reduce the severity of cellulite.

For thinning skin with stretch marks, cellulite and loss of elasticity, we recommend Syence Servital Intensive Body Defense that aids your skin by improving hydration, cell renewal and skin firmness.

For skin prone to dryness, a generous application of Syence Body Lotion will bring a surge of moisture without greasiness even to extreme dry areas such as knees and elbows. Don’t forget your hands – constant hand washing and having your hands exposed to the elements combined with the fact your hands have very thin skin mean hands often reveal the true age of an otherwise youthful looking person. Your best defense against premature ageing is sealing and protecting with a daily moisturizer. We recommend applying Syence Hand Cream after hand washing every day, and as an extra protection against thinning, apply Servital Intensive Body Defense at night.

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