Happy Scalp, Good Hair!

Is your scalp in optimal condition? If you have dull, greasy or lifeless hair, your scalp might be in need of more attention. Surprisingly, and contrary to popular advertising, hair can’t repair itself as it is has no blood supply or nervous system ; it is really an extension of the scalp. The key to great looking hair is a healthy scalp and with a few basic tips, you can get your locks looking a million dollars in no time!

Wash With  a Gentle Shampoo

Keep your scalp clean o stop pores from getting clogged, and to wash away any chemical build-up that can lead to thinning hair.  Thoroughly dampen your hair with tepid water – never wash with hot water! Use a gentle shampoo such as Syence Summer Shampoo, and work it gently to your hair, massaging your scalp with your fingertips. Be careful not to be too scrub too hard as this will create knots. If needed, apply conditioner and rinse off with cool water. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet – instead use a wide toothed combed to very carefully smooth your hair, avoiding pulling it. When towel drying, squeeze excess moisture from hair gently, and avoid rubbing with the towel as this will leave your hair looking dull.

Scalp massage in wonderful not only because it is extremely relaxing, but because it helps stimulate good circulation and can assist relieving muscle tension. Regular scalp massage can also increase the shine of hair.  The great thing about scalp massage is you can do it anywhere and don’t need any tools besides your fingers. To perform one, sit somewhere relaxing and comfortable. Work your finger tips in your scalp in a circular motion, starting from your forehead to your neck, then forward again, going over your ears , behind and above your temples , the top of your head and back to your neck.  To treat areas prone to hair thinning, massage every day 2-5 minutes before shampooing.

Don’t Over Dry
One of the main causes of irritated, dry scalp is using very hot water to shampoo. This will cause excessive dryness by stripping essential oils from skin. Likewise, excessive blow drying can cause itchy, dry scalp. When blow drying, keep the dryer at least 6 inches away from scalp, and use the cool setting to set hair once it’s dry.


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