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Is your scalp in optimal condition? If you have dull, greasy or lifeless hair, your scalp might be in need of more attention. Surprisingly, and contrary to popular advertising, hair can’t repair itself as it is has no blood supply or nervous system ; it is really an extension of the scalp. The key to […]

Healthy Skin

After work drinks can be something of a tradition in some parts of the world (Britain comes to mind) and it can be a great way to bond with colleagues for a strong teamwork mentality in the office. Unfortunately though, most of the drinks tend to be the alcoholic kind ,with high percentages of sugar […]

Chillin' in a bath

As the hot summer weather has all but disappeared, nothing lifts our spirits than a bit of pampering at home. I’m a big fan of body scrubs – not only does my skin look silky smooth but having a scrub is amazingly invigorating! For a easy at home treat, I use Honey Almond Scrub – […]