Pampering for rainy days

Chillin' in a bath

As the hot summer weather has all but disappeared, nothing lifts our spirits than a bit of pampering at home. I’m a big fan of body scrubs – not only does my skin look silky smooth but having a scrub is amazingly invigorating! For a easy at home treat, I use Honey Almond Scrub – it has just the right texture to polish away any dry flaky skin. Usually, I would either have a nice warm shower or a bath beforehand to get my pores to open up nicely. Then if I’m lucky, I’ll get my boyfriend to help out smoothing my back – or alternatively I’ll use a lufa and some creative acrobatics to reach all of my back which is my worst problem area for dryness and blocked pores. A couple of minutes of vigorous brushing followed by a warm shower – and my skin is transformed from rough to soft and lovely.


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