Vitamins for Beautiful Skin

Healthy Skin

A diet full of vitamins and nutrients is not just good for your overall health, but also plays an important role in helping keep your skin in top condition. There are several key nutrients which can also help minimize and prevent damage and enhance skin’s natural beauty.The key is topical application. Unfortunately, only about 3% of vitamins taken orally reach the basal layer of skin as having to go through the digestive tract significantly reduces their beneficial effects. On the other hand, the percentage goes up to 20% with topical application – making vitamins in skin creams an excellent way to boosting and maintaining healthy skin. Some of our favorites are vitamins A,C and E.

Vitamin A – the wrinkle reducer

This fat-soluble vitamin helps cells function properly and is essential for proper vision and bone development. Vitamin A is known to increase cell turnover, which can help treat skin disorders like acne while reducing brown spots and wrinkles. Syence Moist Eye Cream contains the powerful retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A that helps increase skin elasticity and suppleness while decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Vitamin A is also found in Servital, Servital Body, Fresh Youth Cream and  Hydrating Face Mask.

Vitamin C – the free radical fighter

Vitamin C is involved in collagen production, tissue growth and wound healing, as well as the maintenance of healthy bones, teeth and gums. Vitamin C rich foods and vegetables include peppers , oranges, strawberries, lemons and broccoli. When taken orally, vitamin C does not provide skin with the same benefits as topical application as it is difficult to get the vitamin into the skin and past the GI tract without losing its effects. Therefore, adding a topical vitamin C for your beauty routine can boost your skin’s natural beauty – we recommend Syence Youth  and Syence Servital .  Both include time-released vitamin C (Vitazyme C) to fight free radicals to smooth rough patches and fade brown spots.

Vitamin E – the dry-skin defender

Vitamin E is a powerful fat-soluble anti-oxidant that protects lipids from oxidizing, which helps skin retail its natural moisturizers.  To get the most benefit for your skin, applying vitamin E topically is the most effective route.  Infused with a high concentration of raw Vitamin E, Rescue Intensive Recovery Serum helps protect and repair damaged, irritated skin while ceramide III and quinoa oil that improve the health of the skin tissue and cell function.   Although there are 16 forms of topical vitamin E only 2 forms Tocophyrol  and Linoleate  have been proven in clinical studies to work.  Rescue contains a high percentage of Linoleate and Servital included both forms of this Vitamin. Vitamin E is also found in Servital, Servital Body, Fresh Youth Cream and  Hydrating Face Mask.



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